“We like this hypnotic lock,” DJ Masda writes. “In Japanese we call it hame. If someone asks me what’s the mutual thing connecting our music, it’s this.”

WOW! A Resident Advisor interview with DJ Masda and So Inagawa, the founders behind the celebrated and super hot label Cabaret Recordings. This is certainly a pretty rare occasion as obvious in the few sentences the Cabaret duo liked to share. The author and interviewer Matt Unicomb also manages to string in a few words from two important contributors; Evan Baggs and Tony aka TC 80 who have both released music twice on the label in the past year: Evan shared Not A Story EP in 2015 and most recently Tidelly Locked EP with Katsuya Sano as Ekbox last May, while TC80 produced Phrase EP last year and an album, Vestiges of Fools only last month, the latter which is out now (buy it on Juno here).

The interview comes as a celebration of the label, which has been picked by RA as the label of the month.

Read the feature here.


And check out the upcoming Cabaret 011 release Box 1 by a mysterious Onigiri.