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Ettore : Contemporary Motions

March 14, 2017 • By

Listen to Ettore play and it’s obvious that he has a style of his own. Like a true music aficionado, however, he never forgets to acknowledge musical movements from past to present. With a record collection specialising in dancefloor material but spanning way beyond, it’s evident that he’s explored – studied – absorbed to profound depths to arrive at where he is now.


Zuflucht: For Your Body, Mind & Soul

January 25, 2017 • By

In our first interview with Jus-Ed back in 2015 where we first sat down to talk about music and things, he told us that he and his family would be making the transatlantic move from the States over to mainland Europe, from the state of Connecticut over to the city of Berlin. That was also the year that saw him officially tie the knot with his now wife Jenifa Mayanja, after “12 years of togetherness”. Let’s fast-forward to today – Ed’s chatting to us from his Berlin home, together with Jen and it so happens that they’ve just celebrated their second wedding anniversary.


Then & Now with PJAY

December 13, 2016 • By

Our latest podcast features PJAY. Not only is the Belgian selector behind the Kontrast concept and record label, he also recently started Futurepast with fellow DJ pals Davy and Laprade. When not engaged with the aforementioned, or digging the countless stocks at Wally’s Groove World, he’s spinning records at some of the best clubs and party destinations around Europe. In the past year highlights include Closer for Reset, Ibiza for Seekers, not forgetting Kontrast and Futurepast. Having recorded a great podcast, we were delighted to sit down and have a little chat with him…


Cape Verde : “The Early Days of Ibiza” + Interview with Romy Romualdo and Jus-Ed

October 20, 2016 • By

To the west of Africa lie the Cape Verdean Islands, a country known for its Creole-Portugese-African culture, coladera music, morna folk (the Islands’  traditional melancholic genre) and Carnaval, not forgetting the hospitality of its people. The São Vicente island merits a particular mention. The party island and culture capital has been compared to the early days of Ibiza, all the while an electronic music scene has been growing…


This year, a festival UNDERGROUND Mindelo Fest (organised by Rotterdam based Liber Artista) will be welcoming international artists one of whom is Jus-Ed, alongside its own DJs. Our friend Ed so happens to be from Cape Verde. Having never had the chance to visit, this is a first for him. And the very fact that music is bringing him back to his origins is something we’re already smiling about.

We catch up with him before he heads out there. But first, Romy (organiser and resident DJ) gives us a sweet introduction to the festival and an insight into what makes São Vicente such a special place to party…


DJ F aka Ideograma: His Universe

September 29, 2016 • By

Some would say that it would be quite difficult to understand the true value of Ideograma aka DJ F–  online clips of his productions are scarce and his releases are hard to find but dig a little and it is obvious that he is a true electronic artist. A producer, a DJ, a musician who plays live and alongside these elements of music, he has his record store Recycled Music Centre and label Prayers For The Long Life – music is the only job he has known.


Modulove : Made in Milan

September 19, 2016 • By

When we talk about electronic music Milan is not a city that typically gets a mention. And when we talk about DJs it’s not often that we’re talking about a duo, however, throughout the 90’s, 00’s and now 10’s Milan’s scene has gotten bigger and bigger, and there’s a duo in town definitely worth talking about – MODULOVE. Formed of Camilla Gligorov and Matteo Costa, these two young talents demonstrate a deep connection to one another with music that’s somewhat rare. The two, together with DarioLem, founded SUBCULTURE in 2012. And a year ago they joined forces with Frames to create SORGENTE SONORA. It’s only been a year and they’ve already had plenty of top-notch artists walk through the doors, and after a summer in the open air they have just started the upcoming season at Dude Club, Milan. 

MODULOVE kicked it off last Sunday the 18th of September at Dude alongside Zip, Binh, Fumiya Tanaka and Thomas Melchior (live).


Steve O’Sullivan: Return of the Dub

June 14, 2016 • By

Will sell soul for record. PM me for details.” Just one of the comments on Discogs for Steve O’Sullivan’s Version Blue [BLUETRAIN06], that was released on his less-known cult classic Bluetrain imprint. Version Blue was released in 1999, and the comment was made some 15 years after in 2015, at a time when the price of the record was at its highest and the record was at its most wanted.

And after more than 18 years since their release dates, come archive and fresh cuts of tracks released on Bluetrain as well as the preceding Bluespirit label. It’s not just the ‘Blue’ record labels that are getting the light of day though, but the ‘dub techno don’s’ very own Bluetrain live set. Read on for an insight into the Bluetrain live, some history on Bluespirit and some powerful productions and co-productions to date…


Yoshi: Keeping It Real

June 1, 2016 • By

People outside of electronic music may fondly associate the name Yoshi with the dinosaur in Super Mario’s World: its signature characteristics include its voice originating from the sound of record-scratching, as well as its ability to grab out-of-reach objects with its tongue and detect the hidden collectibles therein with its nose… Ironically not too far off from the DJ and vinyl digger Yoshi (as we know him in the electronic world!) 😉

Yoshi-Libertine has been Djing since his childhood years. He moved from Rome to Barcelona, where he was resident at Prozac’s afterhours, and finally moved to Berlin in 2010. A talented producer, Yoshi has released music on Rome’s Instruction label, Frankfurt’s HardWorkSoftDrink and his own Berlin-based Libertine, an independent label and party that sits at the heart of the underground electronic scene in Berlin. He stays true to the collective’s anti-establishment identity and has even set up a home-made Libertine club. Naturally it was about time that we sat down with the DJ and producer to further explore his achievements to date!


Titonton Duvanté & Residual Recordings: Banging Always

May 16, 2016 • By

After a 10 year break, label owner & underground veteran Titonton Duvanté unearths his Midwest label Residual Recordings. He pleasantly kicks off with a re-issue of his classic Pornographic EP, the fifth release in an impressive catalog of hard-to-find records by heavy-duty artists. Pornographic was originally produced in 1999, not even one year after the label’s inception in 1998. During the nineties Titonton studied music composition at university, all the while being part of the innovative techno band and dream team Body Release (Titonton, Todd Sines, Charles Noel, Mike Szewczyk).


Futurepast with Davy

April 19, 2016 • By

Davy has been a longtime favourite of ours, having enhanced London’s dance floors with his excellent DJ sets for many years, delivering a refined selection of rare, classic and futuristic electronic music. Since relocating to Berlin, we have missed him dearly!

Here he updates us on his current projects: having recently started his own Futurepast party concept in Belgium, as well as joining the roster of Last Track Agency whilst also continuing his residency at Cartulis Day and embarking on a new journey as the newest resident for the Reset party at Kiev’s Closer. He also shares some of his favourite records and finally, has recorded a great podcast for us that breaks the boundaries of genre and time.