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Raview : Our Culture Is Not Dead

November 8, 2016 • By

To reconsider clubs as last social spaces, youth shelters and creative playgrounds.
To defend London music culture.
To celebrate the diversity and raw energy of the scene.
To create an artists’ platform and network.
Nightlife does matter.

These are just some of the aims set out in Raview’s manifesto, a London-based concept and movement that aims to transcend the notion of hedonism traditionally associated with the culture of clubbing. What it shows (and what we know) is that London’s ‘clubbing scene’ is in fact a community and platform for music, art and fashion.


Tommy Vicari Jnr: An essential cult producer

November 11, 2015 • By

The term ‘underground hero’ is something of an overused cliché in music journalism, yet in this case it can probably be forgiven. Instead of embracing the hype that has surrounded his name during his 14 year career, Tommy Vicari Jnr has a reputation for keeping his head down, avoiding the limelight and focusing on making and releasing tracks that are distinctly his very own.  As an obsessive and prolific producer, with his own unique style, Tommy is one of few artists around who still maintains what could be described as a ‘cult’ underground following. While he has had his fair share of big well-known club tracks, arguably too few recognize his importance as a multi-label owner, a dedicated supporter of underground talent and the man behind a fairly substantial list of production aliases and groups with a consistently high quality of output.