It’s unlikely that many will be completely taken aback by the news of a London club closing for apparently dubious reasons. It is a shame to see that the beloved Hoxton Gallery is going the same way as Crucifix Lane did last year: crushed by the mighty fist of Network Rail.


Vera at Square 1

Luckily for Hoxton Gallery it will be relocating, although this is sad news for anyone who ever enjoyed music, film and art under their impressive exposed brick railway arch. Hoxton Gallery was on occasion home to local parties Toi Toi, Square One, Bare, Colors who invited a range of DJ’s to the intimate setting like Fumiya Tanaka, Sammy Dee, Francesco Del Garda and Vera. You can find some nice images of exhibitions held at the venue on their website, which included work by Italian street artist Millo, Tokio Aoyama, Benjamin Murphy and local street photographer Josh Cole.


Tokio Aoyama’s exhibition at the Hoxton Gallery

While the motives for the closure remain unclear, its uncomfortable news at a time when East London’s cultural hubs and clubs are increasingly making way to corporations, expensive property developments and train station expansions. Whatever does become of the beautiful venue, it’s probably unlikely to be independent, community based or creative.

Last dance at the current venue will be Cartulis Day this Saturday night, with Omar (Libertine) and Junki Inoue (Toi.Toi.) joining Cartulis residents Unai Trotti and Remy Allocco.


Fortunately, probably thanks to the owner and team behind Hoxton Gallery, they have already made plans to relocate to what seems like a promising new location in Old Street. We hope for Hoxton Gallery that this venue will not see the end of it.



New location at Old Street

*Cover photo: Millo