The talented Saverio Celestri is back with a new EP My Mental Madness for the newly created music label CLUB VISION.

The acclaimed producer grew up in Treviso, moving to Berlin 4 years ago. His sound has been deeply influenced by his Berlin experience, with a style ranging between dark and emotional techno and electro. After some strong digital productions, he’s gone on to collaborate with Imprints and most recently Berlin label/party/collectif Slow Life – one of the pre-eminent labels attributed to pushing our scene forward – with EPs Vortex and Toxic.  

Another Berlin entity that has seen success is Libertine. Not so long ago Saverio joined Yoshi and Sbri on their journey to emerge a sound and concept across the city. Its ever-increasing presence in this subset of electronic music is demonstrated by the reach of its parties, now held across Europe; with the label side most recently attracting the production qualities of Etienne and Onur Ozer for its fourth release (also featuring a collaboration by Saverio and Yoshi).

It’s not unusual to see Saverio Celestri’s name at the top of the DJ charts on underground electronic music outlets, Juno and the likes.



As for Club Vision, its origins go back to the Summer of 2011 where brothers Gabriele and Simone Giletta started the project in order to fulfill a long-held desire to establish a passion in the unlikely context of home-town Cuneo (Northern Italy). Wanting to bring new vibes to the small town, a first party was held in October 2011 and in the five years to date they’ve stayed true to their vision to create something different, to remain a one-of-its-kind, with some great alternative locations that include disused warehouses and the “Parco Dei Nuvolari”. Francesco Del Garda, Quest, Riccardo, Dj Tree, Onur Ozer and more have all featured on line-ups.

The parties reflect their personality and tastes – fun energetic yet refined, with each party being a different experience and memory to take home (that just get better and better). Whilst unable to find a home for this season, the Giletta brothers’ passion lives on as does their desire to continue the project – this year saw the launch of label Club Vision.



So why Saverio? A friendship sparked between the three at Tag Club in Venice earlier this year. Gabriele and Simone were immediately drawn to Saverio for his humility and simplicity. As an artist, he represents their musical point of view both for his DJ sets and productions. And what an opportune moment as the release coincides with the 5th anniversary of Club Vision at Gate11 with Etienne, Max Vaahs and A.P.Prods.

If you haven’t yet heard them, we present you the snippets for the My Mental Madness EP:



Edited by Kaajal Shah