The release date is near. On the 15th of September (19th of September on Juno) it will be possible to order a copy of CABARET011: Box 1 by a mysterious Onigiri, which in Japanese translates to “rice ball” wrapped with a strip of nori (seaweed). Speaking of seaweed, in Japan, people use “kombu” seaweed (the B-track on the EP) in everything. The A-track titled “Ume” on the other hand, are yellow plums that hang from some of the country’s iconic blossom trees. Sound appetising? The clips on SoundCloud are certainly quite tasty:

Probably one of the first times Box 1 surfaced in London was when Cabaret Recording‘s co-founder Dj Masda played “Ume” amongst other impressive track selections during an intimate Sunday night at the cave AKA Dance Tunnel for Cartulis Music. It could very well have been an after party to round up a particularly event-packed weekend (it should be mentioned here that Masda played in Birmingham for Cloak N Dagger earlier that day too). It was certainly the perfect setting for such a track that basically summed up the night (more room for dancing than eating in this case though).

More (beat??) box goodies have also been announced on the Japanese imprint with a box session No. 111 by EK Box aka Evan Baggs and Katsuya Sano.