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August 9, 2016

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November 23, 2015

Modulove : Made in Milan

September 19, 2016 • By

When we talk about electronic music Milan is not a city that typically gets a mention. And when we talk about DJs it’s not often that we’re talking about a duo, however, throughout the 90’s, 00’s and now 10’s Milan’s scene has gotten bigger and bigger, and there’s a duo in town definitely worth talking about – MODULOVE. Formed of Camilla Gligorov and Matteo Costa, these two young talents demonstrate a deep connection to one another with music that’s somewhat rare. The two, together with DarioLem, founded SUBCULTURE in 2012. And a year ago they joined forces with Frames to create SORGENTE SONORA. It’s only been a year and they’ve already had plenty of top-notch artists walk through the doors, and after a summer in the open air they have just started the upcoming season at Dude Club, Milan. 

MODULOVE kicked it off last Sunday the 18th of September at Dude alongside Zip, Binh, Fumiya Tanaka and Thomas Melchior (live).


Gwenan x Undersound = Full Power

September 15, 2016 • By

Re-live a minute of Gwenan Spearing‘s banging set at Undersound #25 – Freerotation Takeover with Steevio, Suzybee & Undersound Residents:

Gwenan played at peak time, just after Steevio and Suzybee‘s Undersound debut – a two hour modular performance against a backdrop of crafted visuals, a pretty daring task but it worked out perfectly. She was welcomed by a full house with positive vibrations and upped the tempo – plenty of cheering and dance moves on the Pickle floor.

Gwenan’s Undersound set comes after another quality performance at Freerotation (the “highlight” some would say).  It’s now been recorded as a podcast by Slovenian collective Just Us.

After a busy Summer, she’s been laying low for a while but come October she’ll be in Manchester for Dog Eat Dog, and for New Years she features on the line-up for Libertine meets Melliflow.

While Gwenan will be out with the dogs on the 7th of October, on the same night Undersound hosts its next edition at the newly renovated The Bridge, with DJF aka Ideograma, Quest and Sohrab. The party and label remains at the forefront of this electronic music scene, and after the last great night with its innovative line-up, we’re not going to miss the next one.



*Image Credit: Tommy Fearn

*Edited by Kaajal Shah


It’s not over…just yet!

September 7, 2016 • By
The doors at fabric opened earlier this evening… 


There is still hope that those infamous doors will open once again to the public. fabric will be appealing the decision made by Islington Council to revoke the club’s licence. According to mixmag, the Nightlife Industries Association stated that the ‘Fund For Fabric’ campaign plans to raise up to £500,000 to support the club’s legal fees.

Keep up-to-date with all developments (including what we can do to help) via the campaign site.

Not forgetting that we can continue to lobby local MP Emily Thornberry, councillors – James Court, Raphael Andrews and Alice Donovan and Mayor Sadiq Khan.

We leave you with a quote from Lawrence Batchelor’s “The Making of a  Modern Superclub“:

‘It’s a group of people enjoying themselves, having some fun and in amongst it all we’re promoting music we believe in…We set out to do what we wanted to do’


[Image: Chris Williams]

[Video: Isis Salvaterra]

The council says NO to fabric’s licence

September 7, 2016 • By

The closure of a single establishment will most definitely not combat drug culture, moreover the allocation of blame simply masks the failure of licensing law, policing and drug legislation.

See below the premises upon which fabric‘s licence was revoked in the early hours of this morning:

Flora Williamson of the Licensing Sub-Committee stated:

The following facts were found to have occurred, two patrons have died at the venue this year, after purchasing drugs inside the nightclub.

People entering the club venue inadequately searched, and it was abundantly obvious patrons were under the influence of drugs.

Deaths at the clubs have involved people that are young, with numerous breaches of the licensing agreement, as a culture of drugs exists at the club which management cannot control.

The Licensing Sub-Committee has considered adding more conditions, but it does not feel these would be adequate in tackling the issue.

We therefore decided that a revocation of the licence is appropriate in that regard.


Operation fabric: Operation Lenor

August 30, 2016 • By

Operation fabric dubbed “Operation Lenor”: Police went undercover into fabric, two witness statements recollecting nights out – two accounts that ring untrue for the countless numbers who have passed through its doors. For starters, anyone entering the venue is subject to checks more stringent than those faced in the majority of venues worldwide. An impressive twist on the reality some would say!

Witness statements:



Get Up! Ettore for Ruzzi

August 30, 2016 • By

Relax after a heavy Bank Holiday weekend with ruzzi‘s new podcast by Pragmatism‘s Ettore. There’s even physical copies available on MiniDisc – Email for orders.

From “jazzy beats”, experimental Aphex Twin sounds and a number of different styles in between… on the obscure side of things but all the while remaining interesting and uplifting.

Although ruzzi only recently shared its first ever podcast, the collectif originating in Genoa, has been around since 2007 as a label dealing with tapes (not-for-profit). Last year in December they released a tape by Bologna based Dumbo Beat which features instrumental hip hop. With the release of tape and CD formats ruzzi‘s keeping 1995 and 2005 alive.


*Edited by Kaajal Shah


Cabaret Recordings: A Hypnotic Lock

August 26, 2016 • By

“We like this hypnotic lock,” DJ Masda writes. “In Japanese we call it hame. If someone asks me what’s the mutual thing connecting our music, it’s this.”

WOW! A Resident Advisor interview with DJ Masda and So Inagawa, the founders behind the celebrated and super hot label Cabaret Recordings. This is certainly a pretty rare occasion as obvious in the few sentences the Cabaret duo liked to share. The author and interviewer Matt Unicomb also manages to string in a few words from two important contributors; Evan Baggs and Tony aka TC 80 who have both released music twice on the label in the past year: Evan shared Not A Story EP in 2015 and most recently Tidelly Locked EP with Katsuya Sano as Ekbox last May, while TC80 produced Phrase EP last year and an album, Vestiges of Fools only last month, the latter which is out now (buy it on Juno here).

The interview comes as a celebration of the label, which has been picked by RA as the label of the month.

Read the feature here.


And check out the upcoming Cabaret 011 release Box 1 by a mysterious Onigiri.


Raving Iran

August 25, 2016 • By

“In June [2016], two musicians and one filmmaker started a three-year jail sentence in Iran for distributing underground music that hadn’t been licensed by Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.” They were found guilty of “insulting Islamic sanctities” and “spreading propaganda against the system”. [Electronic Beats]

For you me, friends in London, Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, Rome, Zurich, Kiev, Brussels and Antwerp (to name but a few of our ‘rave’ cities!), the concept of underground music has become our everyday. Whilst we’re all too familiar with licensing problems, the party is still accessible and promotion is a given. In Iran however, a scene has emerged but it’s a scene very different to the one that we know, ‘undercover’, restricted by politics and lived out in the shadows of the desert plains.

German filmmaker Susanne Regina Meures features the past lives of two Iranian artists Anoosh and Arash in her upcoming documentary ‘Raving Iran‘. Now living in Switzerland, the pair (aka Blake and Beard) speak to Berlin-based (Iranian) DJ Namito in an Electronic Beats interview about their experience of the clandestine rave culture, passions that were awakened by ‘Western’ sounds and the search for a life synonymous to music, outside of Iran.

“…most journalists try to drag the subject to a political level. I told them neither my age nor my profession are political. The only thing that might be political is that I wish that I could do what I love in my own homeland…” [Electronic Beats]

‘Raving Iran’ is due to premier at Berlin’s Volksbühne on September 26, [2016].
Full interview here:

Watch the trailer here!