To reconsider clubs as last social spaces, youth shelters and creative playgrounds.
To defend London music culture.
To celebrate the diversity and raw energy of the scene.
To create an artists’ platform and network.
Nightlife does matter.

These are just some of the aims set out in Raview’s manifesto, a London-based concept and movement that aims to transcend the notion of hedonism traditionally associated with the culture of clubbing. What it shows (and what we know) is that London’s ‘clubbing scene’ is in fact a community and platform for music, art and fashion.

Whilst in Berlin and Vienna clubs are regarded as high culture by the authorities that be, London’s clubs are a poor counterpart, as evidenced by the legal constraints that come with organising nightlife, not to mention the wipe-out of venues in recent years.

Laura Niccharelli – curator of Raview – reacts to these perceptions and threats. What started as a postgraduate thesis has since evolved and developed into a broader project, dedicated to protecting the culture that makes up London’s electronic music scene.


#saveourculture Protest March 8th October 2016

Thursday’s event brings together two central themes that underpin music – unity and creativity. It takes place in Dalston’s Koncept Music & 1963 Gallery – a record store, salon and gallery, you could say the perfect setting to host the “transdisciplinary event”. There’ll be music from Damaged’s Matteo Manzini who’ll go back to back with Cartulis Music’s Raphael Carrau, and joining the two London faces is vinyl digger and selector Galvin.

Then there’s the art, a feature that sets Raview apart from other electronic music events. There’ll be artwork, designs and projections displayed by artists, illustrators, fashion designers, photographers and ‘VJs’ from across Europe. Essentially the creative pool comprises those who design flyers for events, logos for brands, record sleeves for labels not forgetting the clothing / lifestyle brand of Laura herself – “Youwantpeanuts?”, all of whom are simply and wonderfully influenced by the dance-floor (check out Raview’s Contributors page for more detail). There’ll also be an opportunity to buy some pieces from certain artists. Oksana will be exhibiting and selling works designed for the Open party series. Antonia Beard and Adrien Chen will be selling some fashion pieces, all proceeds going to the Save fabric campaign.

Artists and Contributors:

Iwa Drekalovic, vinyl record artworks for London label Undersound, based in Berlin
Julia Bancilhon, graphic designer
Oksana Bondar, flyers ad vinyl covers illustrator based in London
Roberto Rosolin, graphic designer at fabric London
, record label based in the UK
Jayson Haebich
new media artist and programmer based in London
Raf Sdanewitsch
Graphic designer based in London
Antonia Beard & Adrien Chen
textile designers and artists based in London
Charlene Gálea
visual ethnography research from Malta
Alex John
freelance photographer based in London
, East  London based underground night concept
Andrea Lops
photographer based in Milan
London nightlife photographer
Claudio Brogi
, Interior design student at CSM (UAL) London

It’s unusual yet refreshing to see such a focus on artists – in the true sense of the word – in the music sphere. They’ve always taken somewhat of a “backstage” role, “behind the scenes” whilst the DJs and producers are in the limelight (not that that’s a terrible thing).  Raview is  a real opportunity to be able to not only put names and faces to the art but also celebrate this visual form.

A one-of-a-kind event that will showcase the rich, creative, artistic culture embedded in London’s clubbing scene.



Flyer artwork by Julia Bancilhon
Edited by Kaajal Shah