~ Immersion into the substance of raw sound ~

~ Experimentation of the dreamlike dimensions imported by the clubbing arena ~

~ Constant evolution underpinning love for music in all its nuances ~

Soundproof, a concept that stands in its own right, stemming from the notions of subculture to challenge the mainstream. To discover new sounds, new styles, new artists, new talents. Rooted principally in the minimal, electro, house and techno genres, the concept is not afraid to flirt with disco & funk and IDM & experimental.

The idea is to create a musical environment at the craft of low-profile DJs and fuelled by the setting of MASADA. What is MASADA? A renovated library that dates back to 1800, situated in the North West of Milan, that has given birth to a new series of daytime parties.  A huge space, a console, a double door and soundproof walls, what else do you need to dance….

Soundproof runs as a daytime party, from 2 in the afternoon to midnight, blue skies to night skies, with music to accompany. The team is composed of 5 young talents that span music and visual art:

  • Sebastian, whose roots lie in Milan’s In Treatment party, with a musical selection that ranges from eclectic sophisticated sounds to driving beats, all genres encompassed.
  • Aka.so duo made up of Pabie and Reeke, working together with Milan-based SORGENTE SONORA.
  • Stefano Catiello and Tony Seraf take care of the all-important visual aspect – a heightened experience of music touches all senses. The two work on installation and communication to further project the concept of discovery associated with Soundproof.

The next edition will take place this Saturday, February 11. The line-up features Sebastian and Younger Than Me on warm-up duties. They will be joined by Andrew Hogge aka Lovefingers– the Californian digger, owner of ESP Institute, with close ties to Red Light Radio and Dekmantel (listen to his podcast for the festival here)– he plays for the first time in Milan.


Joining him will be resident duo Aka.so and House of Sound’s Mattia Lumee and Josef. The London-based DJs will be bringing over their reputed records spanning Detroit techno, minimal, electro and everything in between.

So, here’s the invitation to get inside the library of Soundproof and discover a new music vision. In the meantime enjoy Soundproof’s first podcast by Sebastian.


Edited by Kaajal Shah